First Time Visitor?


How long is the service? What should I expect?

Our Sunday worship service is approximately one hour long. There are ushers waiting to welcome people. The ushers serve as hosts and will hand out a printed order of worship bulletin to all worshippers. The bulletin will help you follow along with the worship service, and include printed prayers, sung responses, hymn numbers, scripture readings, as well as announcements and a list of current prayer requests from among the congregation. In the pews there are hymnals from which we sing, and bibles to follow along with the scripture readings.  

Each Sunday, the congregation joins in a variety of unison prayers and spoken responses that are printed in the bulletin. Throughout the service, the congregation members may stand together or be seated as a sign of unity and respect for the worship experience. Those who are not physically able or comfortable to stand may feel free to remain seated.

A sign-in registry will be passed among the congregation in the pews (benches that people sit in). If you are interested in receiving more information about the church, simply fill out the information and you will be contacted.

Our pipe organ, played by our skilled organist, leads us in hymn singing and is played at special times throughout the service to enhance our worship experience.

At the conclusion of worship, the pastor greets people at the main sanctuary exit.


May I take Communion / the Lord’s Supper?

Yes. We celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion on the first Sunday, every-other month, as well as Easter Sunday, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve. Our church has an open communion which means that anyone who seeks a closer relationship with the Risen Christ is welcome to partake. Children are welcome to partake with the permission of their parents or guardians.


What is available for my children?

            We encourage children of all ages to begin in worship with their families. Each Sunday, there is a "Time with Children" toward the early part of the worship service when the young people are invited forward to sit with the Pastor at the front of the church for a short message. Afterwards, children ages 3 and above may attend Sunday school until the conclusion of worship. Parents may accompany their children to classes for part or all of the time. Sunday School is provided September through May.

Classes are located in the building just to the west of the church, and the teachers will accompany the children to their classes.

There are activity bags in the entryway for young children during worship.


What if I have special needs?

We have assisted listening devices available that will work to enhance the sound either with an ear bud or to transmit to someone’s hearing aid. Speak with one of the ushers if you desire this service.

Rest rooms are located either downstairs in Fellowship Hall (a chair lift is available for those who have trouble using stairs), or through the door at the front of the sanctuary in our Memorial Room area.


Where do I park and enter the building?

Street parking is available around the building. People may access the church via the two main entrances on 11th Avenue, with a ramp on the main west entrance door.


What is required if we would like to have our wedding at the church?

Congratulations! Our church would love to support you as you prepare for your special day, as well as ongoing connection after the wedding. We strongly encourage any couple interested in getting married in our church to regularly attend our worship services so that we can get to know you, and you can get to know us.

The pastor should be contacted at least six months prior to your anticipated date to arrange for a mutually-agreed upon date. Our church’s pastor will be the one to officiate the wedding service, and requires three to four premarital counseling sessions at a cost of $35.00, using the “Prepare/Enrich” premarital program.

Fees for the wedding ceremony are:

Pastor             $125.00 (member)     $200.00 (non-member)

Organist         $75.00 (member)       $200.00 (non-member)

Church Use   Donation (member)     $150.00 (non-member)


What is the policy for baptisms?

            We gladly baptize infants, children, youth or adults. If you desire baptism, you will need to contact the pastor to set a time to meet in person. Baptisms are scheduled during regular Sunday morning worship services. We strongly encourage all people wishing to be baptized to worship with us for at least six months prior to the baptism so we can get to know you, and you can get to know us. When someone is baptized in our church, the congregation also makes a promise to offer support and spiritual care to the one baptized, and so an ongoing relationship is desired. There is no fee for a baptism because it is considered a gift from Jesus Christ.


What should I wear to worship?

            We have no dress code, and believe that God welcomes all of us in whatever attire we wear. We strive to match our attitude with God’s view, following the words of First Peter 3:4: “God doesn’t see as humans see: people look on the outer appearance, but the Lord looks upon the heart.” If you have a hectic morning and barely have time to throw on some shorts and a shirt before coming to church – we will warmly welcome you. If you put a suit and tie, or a dress and heels, we also warmly welcome you. We encourage thoughtfulness about our appearance to show respect for the worship setting, God, and one another.


What does “Yoke” mean in relation to the church?

In our United Church of Christ tradition, when two or more churches share a pastor and ministries, they are called, “yoked.” Raymond Community Church, UCC and Union Grove Congregational United Church of Christ have been yoked since 1991, before that having been part of New Hope Larger Parish with three area United Methodist Churches served by three pastors. Today our two churches share a governing board called a “Yoke Council” made up of representatives of both churches that oversees our shares ministries. The Pastor serves both churches. On the first Sunday of June of every year the worship times of each church switches for the next full year, rotating annually the worship time (9:00 and 10:45 am).


Still have questions?

Please do not hesitate to call our church office: 262-878-1690, or e-mail us at We look forward to seeing you in person!

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